Urban Land Institute award nomination for Innova!


Congrats to Innova Redevelopment for their recent ULI award nomination. We're rooting for your win!

From Innova's website: "In July of 2015, Innova broke ground on an affordable infill project in Point Breeze. Innova was selected to test the viability of the City's "Workforce Housing" initiative for building unsubsidized affordable housing on vacant City land. This project, located on four desolate blocks, was comprised of 15 high quality homes, built with Passive House detailing, designed for an ultra-low energy load and sold for an average of $239,000. By the end of 2016, Innova had developed and sold all 15 homes plus 4 adjacent parcels with market rate houses built to the same energy standards, transforming largely vacant blocks into now-vibrant communities."

Read more about Innova and President Jeff Allegretti on the Urban Land Institute blog here.


Join us Saturday for a Jane's Walk: Parkway Perspectives

Alesa Rubendall + Kat Kendon; Women In Architecture + Kendon Photography are proud to present PARKWAY PERSPECTIVES

To commemorate the centennial of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway join AIA Philadelphia’s Women In Architecture and architectural photographer Kat Kendon to shutterbug down the Parkway. At the beginning of the tour Kat will give a brief overview of the art of architectural photography. She will share general principles and strategies for lighting, framing, and other tips on how to elevate your shots. The tour will make stops at iconic landmarks to photograph and appreciate their respective contributions to the civic realm. Let’s capture the Parkway’s beauty as it turns 100 years young!

Photographers, hobbyist, photo enthusiasts, as well as SLRs and cell photo cameras are all welcomed. We will plan to end the walk at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Women in Architecture: Jane's Walk

Big news - Kendon Photography and Philadelphia AIA's Women in Architecture Committee are teaming up with Jane's Walk to offer a walking tour in Philadelphia. Details coming soon, but this event will be open to shutterbugs, architects, history buffs, fans of Jane's work, and everyone else who wants to tag along! I'm proud to be a female photographer in a male-dominated industry, proud to join forces with Women in Architecture, and even prouder to honor Jane Jacobs. Hope to see you on our Jane's walk.

Photography Charrettes: Gear up for spring shooting!

Did you know Kendon Photography offers portfolio review workshops? We'll review your firm's portfolio, identify what makes a photo match your brand, and talk about how to get more mileage out of your images. This workshop can be done with a small group of decision makers, or expand to involve the entire firm. We can also review your digital asset systems and recommend archiving software from the most basic to state of the art. Contact us for more information and to schedule your session!

Image feature in the Inquirer: Does Philadelphia need a law mandating affordable housing?

"San Francisco does it. New York does it. So does Washington. As their housing costs have skyrocketed, pricing out the working poor and making it difficult for even middle-income people to find affordable housing, those cities have adopted laws requiring new developments to include subsidized units for low-wage workers.

Now, a City Council member wants Philadelphia to join the club.

The difference, of course, is that Philadelphia already has some of the cheapest housing stock of any big American city." 

Read more by Inga Saffron and check out Kendon Photography images here.