Kendon Photography specializes in architectural photography, focusing on higher education, healthcare and science, urban development, and landscape. We also shoot environmental portraits of architects and artists by request. In our home base of Philadelphia, we are committed to supporting the work of community nonprofits as well as women and minority-owned businesses. Contact us for more information on being one of our partner nonprofits.

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Back in the olden days of film, I convinced a local band to put me on their guest list in exchange for photography. Shooting with my dad’s old camera, broken light meter and all, I turned that little gig into touring with a number of major label bands. At the time I had no idea that my teenage dream would be the start of a career.

Since then, I've spent my entire photography career in the AEC industry, starting in a commercial arts studio where I photographed architectural glass and other custom products. Working with architects and designers in the studio led to photographing those products in their final installations - finding my calling in shooting place and space. I spent the next ten years as a staff photographer for one of the oldest and largest East Coast architecture firms. Now based in Philadelphia, I shoot projects all over the US. It’s true love and there’s no looking back!


p: 215.313.9218

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